I summon you

via Conjure


I summoned you in a dream,

like magic, I conjured you out of every secret desire I had.

And you came to me, resplendent.



via Mnemonic


What mnemonic device do I have to use to remember

the exact color of your eyes?

To remember memories that are best buried and forgotten,

but I’m too stubborn to let go of?

I don’t know either.

I remember you

via Mnemonic

I’ve  seen your face before.

Maybe not in this life.

But I remember you.

Your voice is a mnemonic device,

bringing back memories from back and back and back.

You have always been my beloved, haven’t you?


via Insist

You have now found me,

And now we are one, dear heart.

So let us begin.

I have been waiting,

I have seen your face and now

at last, we are one.

Will you show me truth,

The dark truth that I so fear?

Will you be gentle?

I will show you truth,

And you shall see, I only

wish the best for you.

I think you will be.

You are insistent, but kind.

This I know of you.

I will guide your way,

And you will see, you are loved.

This I promise you.

You, my oracle,

You bring me my beloved.

And that’s all I ask.


via Insist

I see flame trapped in smoke and darkness,

I see my love for you surrounded by doubt.

This stone contains such power, my love.

It insists on being used, pulsing in my hand like a beating heart.

I will use it to reach you.

Am I not your lover?

via Insist

Your warmth surrounds me, beloved.

Oh, how I’ve missed the heat of you.

You have waited for me and in the shadows of my heart

you have demanded my attention.

How could I deny you?

So I can only cry out yes, ecstasy in my soul as I admit the truth, when

Your voice, my favorite lullaby, whispers in my ear, insistent;

Am I not your lover?


via Simplify

This nagging sense of something not quite right,

sitting resplendent within my chest,

on throne made of the bones of imagined scenarios that will never happen.

All my worry simplified into one thought of dread.

What if my mistake could not be fixed?

I think too much

via Simplify

I overthink, I fret, I obsess

how does one simplify

overcomplicated thoughts?

More weight

via Tend

You are made of paste.

You tend to sparkle and shine like real jewels,

but you have none of their weight.

None of their substance.

I feel so heavy that you are like a feather to me.

Changeable by the blowing wind.

I need more weight.

I want to be crushed by proof that you are real and warm and imperfect like I am.

But you cannot wish your self into a more solid existence.

So I must demand of the world, of anyone who dares to approach me,

more weight.

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