Every day

Every day we will begin again my love. We will build our own paradise, brick by brick, every day as the sun rises. And when night falls, if we are not satisfied, we will tear it down, brick by brick, and start again.


I am your lover,  you are mine. When the whole world crumbles to dust, your arms will keep me safe. My embrace will be your sanctuary.


My skin is pieces of a cream white sail stitched and sewn together, I am filled with a breeze that holds the scent of the sea. I am urged forward by the invisible hand of my own divinity, I sail on the ocean of my own multitudes. 

I accept

I accept that I am divine, I accept that you live through me with your love. I accept that I must forgive, for no one else but myself. For if I forgive in the name of god, then I forgive in my own name.

Je suis

Je suis petit, je suis fatigue, je ne suis pas heureuse.    Je serai mieux Je serais heureuse Je serai grand.


It is my wish,  my greatest desire, to live with intent. With the intent to grow, to flourish,  to bask in the sun and be content.

Ctrl + Alt

via Plethora Open me like a laptop, use your fingers to stroke my skin like  you're writing an essay on how to make love. Explore me like I am the one thing you need to connect to the world. I hold multitudes within me. 

Another day

There will always be another day,  another endless day where all I think of is you. And there will be better days,  when all I think of is my beloved. His kiss, his embrace.


via Possibility Pt. I I want to be more than passing fancy, I want to be a fixed spot. Something your eyes long to see.    Pt. II I want to be safe, secure and steady. I want calm, and silence. I want more than I have found.    Pt. III I want the possibility [...]

Like her

via Hoax She said those words once, years ago.  And now she lives, day after day, in a life she doesn't love.    Her footsteps would be so easy to follow. And the shackles of her life would feel familiar. But I would rather bind my feet and never walk again, than live surrounded by [...]