The Coffee Shop Pt. I

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There once was a person who got coffee every day from the same coffee shop every morning. At 7:15 to be exact.

Their name was Ari.

Ari sat at the same table by the window where the sun would always shine enough to be almost blinding, but warm. They would always stare at their coffee in silence, a forlorn sigh escaping them every once and a while.

There never seemed to be much of a rush to the daily ritual. Ari would sit there, sipping their coffee slowly until they would finish. Then they would leave without a word- repeating the same cycle the next morning.

Until one day a barista decided to interrupt their routine.

A man who appeared to be in his mid-twenties, with a cheerful if not somewhat plain face, sat across from Ari with his own cup of rich black coffee.

“Hello.” The barista, called Cameron, decided to be friends with Ari on the second Tuesday of September. It was a sunny cheerful day and Cameron was in a good and amiable mood.

Call it curiosity about the person whose name he wrote on a cup every day, or a need for a friend himself, but Cameron thought it would be good to add a bit of companionship to Ari’s seemingly solitary life.

Ari simply stared at him for a moment in blank, polite confusion.

Cameron waited patiently, amusement in his warm brown eyes and his features even and calm. Eventually Ari seemed to accept that Cameron wouldn’t be leaving and needed to be addressed eventually.

“Hello.” Ari said in the same sonorous voice they used to order their coffee, cream and two sugars, and Cameron thought he could listen to their voice all day.

It was a start, more than Cameron had anticipated from the customer who had been almost silent, and he smiled. A simple smile seemed to make his seemingly ordinary brown eyes sparkle.

Cameron with a smile was a beautiful sight.

And just like that Ari had a new routine, and someone to share it with.

They had someone willing to share their small little world, lit up in the corner of the coffee shop by the early morning sun and Cameron’s smile.


The Companion Pt. I

Warm yellow walls and bookshelves of dark wood made up the small library.

Books lined every wall.

There was the faint scent of something earthy and yet sweet, most likely the honeysuckle growing outside the library windows, in the air of the library. Run by a small elderly woman named Maria who tended to the books with a care that was rare to find nowadays, the entire library felt like home. It was on the corner of a busy neighborhood street but rarely had many visitors- almost always forgotten in favor of those online options that seemed so popular.

Giovanni; a slim pale man with almost white blonde hair and soft green eyes, and apparently now this man, who Giovanni had never seen before, were the only two in the library that day.

He was seated in one of the comfortable, worn, leather chairs and seemed as if he had always been in that chair. Tucked away in the corner of the library with his book. Giovanni tilted his head to try to read the title of the dark leather-bound book but was distracted by the elegance of the man’s fingers.

The delicate way he cradled the book in his hands.

Only after carefully studying the man’s hands, trying to understand why they captivated him so, did he realize the man was watching him as well. In a quiet intense way that made Giovanni feel as if he was being thoroughly seen, in a way he had never been before. The man had dark lashes surrounding deep brown eyes, but ‘brown’ wasn’t accurate enough a word to describe the shades of hazel and gold in his gaze. His eyes were simply beautiful.

He was beautiful.

There was something about him, maybe it was his sharp jawline and dark brows that made him look so serious and regal. Or his gentle, graceful movements as he moved throughout the library. Perhaps the divet between his collarbones that peeked out of the collar of his sweater. The way his lips looked perfect for small, soft smiles. Something indescribable made him the most beautiful man Giovanni had ever seen.

He could feel the flush on his cheeks as the man looked at him and nodded a shy, awkward greeting before ducking behind a bookshelf.  His heart seemed to be throwing itself against his rib cage.

He thought it was the most wonderful feeling.




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