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I am new to this place.

The dazzling lights and sights beyond my imagining.

Within me.

I am a rube now, nothing more than a foreigner who’s eyes have been opened.

This is my soul, this wondrous land.


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There is a crack in me, I can feel my health draining out,

it is a crack so fine no one notices.

But I can feel the leak.

I can feel it.


via Costume

There is one mask we can only peek beneath,

one costume that sticks to your skin and refuses to let go fully.

Our current lives.

Each life we live is a costume for a vastness of self we can only begin to understand. 

It is the world’s masquerade ball.

Like rain clouds

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Your love rains down on me without end,

and I don’t think I’ve ever been happy to drown before.

But what hides behind your rain clouds?

What warmth do you hide behind the grey veil?

It is suspicious and yet, not suspicious at all.

I too would hide a love that might burn my beloved.

I too would hide a love that might be too much for anyone to bear.

Ulteriour motives

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Almost suspicious,

the way you easily make

my heart start to pound.


What motive is there

to render yourself tempting

beyond safe measures?

Something old and something new

via Lecture

I don’t mean to lecture so I’ll keep this brief.

Balance in your life is what makes happiness an overarching theme. Balance is what I strive for.

Finding a balance in my life is hard, and I use many different ways to understand myself better to understand how to live a more healthy life in a holistic way.  Some of those ways include a lot of old practices that have been done by many people of many cultures for a very long time; divination, journaling of a more intuitive/emotional nature, and interpreting my dreams (when I have them and when they’re relevant at least, because who wants to interpret why I went rollerblading indoors?).

I was wondering if those of you lovely people who follow me would like it if I documented the spiritualistic side of myself as well? I’d love feedback from you all, so please leave a comment and tell me what you think. That way I can give you more varied content that still sticks to the theme of the blog, self-understanding, and documentation of my life.

Thanks for contributing to making this blog better,

Ta An

Same old story

via Lecture

Lecture me if that’s

what it takes to hear your voice

’til the world goes soft.

Lecture me, my love,

and I will learn at your side

what makes your eyes shine.

The same old story,

I fell in love with your voice

your loving kind words.


via Lecture

We have a rule in my house, 

no lectures by my father until after nine o’clock in the morning,

no lectures after nine o’clock at night.

He’s a long winded man who likes the sound of his own voice and repeats himself often.

He didn’t seem to catch on to the fact that sometimes we just wanted to forget about our intellect for a while.

We just wanted to be a family that laughed together.

Am I not your lover? Pt. II

via Conjure


Whatever God created me, conjured you to be my lover.

You were made for me.

You were made to be my perfect dream, my beloved.

And now we are together, for this lifetime and the next.

For you are and always will be mine.

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