Heavy on my tongue

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If I become still,

If I blink very slowly,

They might believe it.

Made of dark marble.

Unable to feel this pain.

My body, peaceful.

Not a real person,

not a person who curses at

Gods they don’t worship.

Just silence and stone,

Nothing to actually

require comfort.

I must trick myself,

If I’m very good maybe

Then it won’t hurt so.


These words so heavy

So very heavy on my

Ever silent tongue.

Fairy Lights

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I remember them,

Beautiful, soft, fairy lights,

A thousand of them.

Gentle golden light,

Blinking slowly as I sleep,

A subtle morse code.

A slower day, stop.

To my body it orders.

Sleeping I obey.

The lights, my body,

Who is in control of me?

Of this pain I hold?

Neither can end it,

So I rest watching the lights,

Blinking down at me.

It was gentle

via Shock

A diagnosis

All rainy days for me now,

Goodbye to freedom.

What a gentle shock,

How softly they took away,

my youth, my childhood.

It’s chronic, they said.

For the rest of your life now,

You must be careful.

I well and truly,

hate that disgusting “careful,”

A word made of chains.

It dances

via Agile

Desire, nimble,

It dances, it twists and turns,

In my yearning heart.


When I think of you,

It all seems so, so simple.

So hard otherwise.


For all those who are

Unknown to me, desire 

Flees out of my grasp.


A collection of haikus from a quiet, slightly drunken night


Pretty Glass

A soft gentle curve

Reflecting the soft pale light

A moment in time.


Bumble bees

A soft fuzzy thing

Little, adorable thing

Resting on petals.



Poetry always

Either is found profound or

Arrogantly made.



In crime and in love

It has always been more fun

To be together.


Black roses

A rose in the dark

Could turn black, still with the scent

Of dark, heady earth.



Fuck those who make it

A sweet, intimate practice.

I still can’t hold you.

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