Magic in the rain

via Genie In the rain I see a genie standing, watching me with golden eyes.  


via Frantic I scramble to find Where you have been hiding from The truth of the world.

Keep me warm

via Incubate Keep me warm inside. Inside your dark and warm mind, Where I dance on thoughts.  


via Noise   It's in the background, The sound of your singing, its such beautiful noise.   

Changes in the wind

via Suddenly   Your moods are like wind, changing without warning and sudden like a gale.

Wandering wonder

via Wonder My mind wanders as I am left with thoughts of you, wondering what's true.

Type A & B

via Typical   It will be alright, who needs rest or sleep, all I  need is to do well.   It will be alright, who needs school or grades, all I  need is to rest well.