via Present

I give you the gift

of all my thoughts and prayers

of gods and demons.

I give you the gift

of the present day worries 

that haunt me nightly.


I give you the gift

of sleepy, slow, soft kisses

softer I love you’s.


I give you the gift

of me, unabashed and free

stripped completely bare.

Ulteriour motives

via Suspicious



Almost suspicious,

the way you easily make

my heart start to pound.


What motive is there

to render yourself tempting

beyond safe measures?

Something old and something new

via Lecture

I don’t mean to lecture so I’ll keep this brief.

Balance in your life is what makes happiness an overarching theme. Balance is what I strive for.

Finding a balance in my life is hard, and I use many different ways to understand myself better to understand how to live a more healthy life in a holistic way.  Some of those ways include a lot of old practices that have been done by many people of many cultures for a very long time; divination, journaling of a more intuitive/emotional nature, and interpreting my dreams (when I have them and when they’re relevant at least, because who wants to interpret why I went rollerblading indoors?).

I was wondering if those of you lovely people who follow me would like it if I documented the spiritualistic side of myself as well? I’d love feedback from you all, so please leave a comment and tell me what you think. That way I can give you more varied content that still sticks to the theme of the blog, self-understanding, and documentation of my life.

Thanks for contributing to making this blog better,

Ta An

Same old story

via Lecture

Lecture me if that’s

what it takes to hear your voice

’til the world goes soft.

Lecture me, my love,

and I will learn at your side

what makes your eyes shine.

The same old story,

I fell in love with your voice

your loving kind words.


via Insist

You have now found me,

And now we are one, dear heart.

So let us begin.

I have been waiting,

I have seen your face and now

at last, we are one.

Will you show me truth,

The dark truth that I so fear?

Will you be gentle?

I will show you truth,

And you shall see, I only

wish the best for you.

I think you will be.

You are insistent, but kind.

This I know of you.

I will guide your way,

And you will see, you are loved.

This I promise you.

You, my oracle,

You bring me my beloved.

And that’s all I ask.

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