But you’re so young

via Premature   Yeah, but I never got to be a child. Not really.  Maturity before its time is a prison. And you get told again and again, at least the bars of your cage are made of gold.

Are you ready?

via Premature   There's too much at stake,  a race I was never going to win. A race you created for your own entertainment. A premature start, and still, got left behind.


via Infect   It would be so much easier if this was an infection. Instead I am forever on my sickbed  no matter where I lay down to rest.

From you to me

via Infect   Infect me with your wildness, let it burn through me  let the fever dreams become my reality.

Too thin

via Thin   A brittle leaf, your excuses for how you treated me, both are too thin. They get blown away by the slightest breath.

Paper thin

via Thin   Each card is paper thin, and yet they hold multitudes. They are puzzle pieces, they are story tellers. They are truth.


via Pedigree You'd auction me off as prime breeding stock to get what you wanted, 'starting the bidding at one lifetime of imprisonment, with an impeccable pedigree and a lifetime of training.' But of course, you'd at least be kind enough to call it matchmaking.


via Pedigree You were always so proud of my pedigree, so very proud. I was your prized thoroughbred.  And it was hell.

Fair trade

via Core Give me the core of you, vulnerable and weak. GIve me your heart and trust me not to crush it. It's only fair trade, beloved. You've had my heart for a long time.


via Core Strip me bare, peel back my layers like you're unraveling a silk cocoon. Expose the core of me, naked and trembling, to your gentle hands.