Streams and Consciousness

via Authentic I don't think my consciousness streams. I think it gathers and deepens until I am a well drowning in myself because I built the walls too high. But the bricks were my own,  and my lungs will fill with authenticity as I go under.  

As Usual

via Authentic I read a lot of books, looking for the right mirror  so that I can see my authentic self. Sometimes I catch glimpses, sometimes its only a shadow in the corner of my eye. I see fragments of myself in words written by people long dead, and I see fragments of myself in [...]


via Parallel I wonder when I will be able to look back and see parallels in my life. 19 to 91, I wonder what it will be like. Maybe then loving myself will be a habit, maybe standing my ground will be easier once I have a cane to help me. Maybe I'll be able [...]

Side by Side

via Parallel Two roads diverged in a wood, the woods not so yellow, the roads not quite parallel. But they present an option none the less. I take the road more traveled by, and it hasn't made much difference. It's the choices I make once I reach my destination that matter.

No bottle

via Genie There's no bottle, no lamp, no genie to grant me magic wishes. It's just me and my cards, a notebook, and my guide. And I like it that way. I want my cards to be a source of truth, not a source of sugarcoated placations. So I treat them honestly and openly and [...]


via Fret Sometimes the stories and truths I see in my cards are worrisome. I fret over whether or not I'm accurate with other people but for me, for me its different. I never question their accuracy with me. They are too accurate and poke at the tender flesh of my heart. For good reason, [...]

I will be a flower in April

via Fret I've decided. I will do better, be better, live better. I will be like the flowers that stubbornly bloom even in the April snow, Beautiful even left out in the cold.


via Fret   I worry what door to take,  in the endless hallway of days that I walk through. But you are the lantern that guides my way, you are the sign that I chose rightly.   


via Crank I have too many notebooks. Too many containers for thoughts and feelings I am hesitant to fill. I dream of cranking out journal pages and inspirational lists, but I am stuck, always, on the first blank page. I want to better myself, spiritually, mentally, emotionally. But first I must get past that first [...]

Something about spring

via Crank Something about spring makes me frenzied. Like the shy buds and balmy weather are whispering in my ear, telling me "Run, little one, be free. Be wild." My mind cranks out ideas and inspiration to fill my heart and I am left yearning for more hours  more days to get everything done. But [...]