Child’s play

via Compromise


That’s not what this is, what’s going on right now.

This isn’t a game.

There can be no compromising.

Either you want me in your life or you don’t.

Either you respect me and my space or you don’t.

Either I’m worth it to you or I’m not.

Make up your mind.

I’ve already made up mine.


via Compromise


If we can reach an agreement, you can have me.

All I need from you is respect and love and attention.

Then I’m yours.

Isn’t that a bargain?

All of me, for basic decency.

Something old and something new

via Lecture

I don’t mean to lecture so I’ll keep this brief.

Balance in your life is what makes happiness an overarching theme. Balance is what I strive for.

Finding a balance in my life is hard, and I use many different ways to understand myself better to understand how to live a more healthy life in a holistic way.  Some of those ways include a lot of old practices that have been done by many people of many cultures for a very long time; divination, journaling of a more intuitive/emotional nature, and interpreting my dreams (when I have them and when they’re relevant at least, because who wants to interpret why I went rollerblading indoors?).

I was wondering if those of you lovely people who follow me would like it if I documented the spiritualistic side of myself as well? I’d love feedback from you all, so please leave a comment and tell me what you think. That way I can give you more varied content that still sticks to the theme of the blog, self-understanding, and documentation of my life.

Thanks for contributing to making this blog better,

Ta An

More weight

via Tend

You are made of paste.

You tend to sparkle and shine like real jewels,

but you have none of their weight.

None of their substance.

I feel so heavy that you are like a feather to me.

Changeable by the blowing wind.

I need more weight.

I want to be crushed by proof that you are real and warm and imperfect like I am.

But you cannot wish your self into a more solid existence.

So I must demand of the world, of anyone who dares to approach me,

more weight.

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