I am not Ta An.

But I will use her name and speak.

I hope you’ll listen.

This blog is for sharing my creative work and personal experiences.

A mummy was sold to the Joseph Moore Museum under the guise of being a long-lost King of Egypt. It was then discovered that the mummy was a woman, in the casket of another woman named Ta An.  Ta An had gold leaf on her casket and other indications that she was a pampered woman of high class. The mummy itself remained nameless, a poor Egyptian woman whose remains had been rifled through by grave robbers and found not valuable enough to steal from.

I aspire to be a writer of high class with words that people can admire.

I identify more with the mummy in the casket, because I find it is easy to get mistaken for something that you’re not when speaking up for your self is hard (or in the mummy’s case, impossible), however Ta An is a name I use because I find it poetic. It is also a way to refer to the mummy for lack of a name.

As I am, I am a college student at Earlham College and I’m pursuing an English degree (or maybe History, I haven’t decided yet, they both involve stories so I’m torn.) I love to write and want to eventually be a published author, but I thought I’d start with a blog to get into the habit of continuous writing. I want to explore different writing genres, but I find I mostly write romances or fantasy stories.  I also want to document what it’s like to be me, as my own unique person who deals with my own issues and my own happinesses.

This blog will be a record of the stories I write and live. Hopefully, they will be useful, but at the very least I hope they’ll be a good read.

Thanks for visiting!

-Ta An