spiceferret: sodomymcscurvylegs: When your friend’s going off about “nasty kinks” but they just mentioned like half of the ones you’re into: Me at the people in the tags saying basic bitch kinks like “bdsm” and “choking”

pillowshalo: y-you’re really gonna make me do this? in front of you?

goodbareback: using a good boy

charmingly-erotic: Me @ any girl I meet that’s taller than I am

playfully-sadistic: How to turn your partner on in minus one second? Moan either their name, a pet name for them, “fuck” or something similar into their ear. Plus points if you have a naturally low voice or if you growl it.


youngfreequeer: Sub: “make me” Domme: *makes them* Sub:

cutiepiesub: *whining* dom: “use your words” *whining intensifies*

domina-et-servus: favoritefemdom: The Ritual,  Roberto Ferri There are moments when I wish for softest touch and obliteration too, for both the kiss and the sting of the whip. I yearn for everything without end. –servus