In a mood

via Horizon

My moods are like the horizon,

distant. Beautiful.

Full of colors,

and reflecting off the ocean of my consciousness

like a thousand mirrors.

I can’t explain what mood I’m in any more than 

I can explain why the blood red sun is so beautiful as the day dies.

4 thoughts on “In a mood

  1. I love your writing! 🙂 Your work is so layered, so well crafted, with such vivid imagery. I was especially moved by the last line. SO GOOD. I can’t wait to read more of your writing. I belong to this writer’s community which has been life-changing for me and I thought I’d just give you a heads up about it, in case you are looking to hang out with some other supportive bloggers who write. It’s called Yeah Write ( and they have all kinds of cool things going on, most notably a FREE weekly writing competition for nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. (There are prompts!) I’ve become friends with a lot of folks who come back week after week to try out new styles or revamp old pieces and it’s made me feel less alone and motivated me to pursue my writing each week, which brings me joy. Anyway, I sound like a commercial. LOL. Like I said, I’m eager to read more of your writing so keep up the good work. –Lisa

    1. Thank you for the information and Yeah Write! I really appreciate you reading my work, and your feedback made my day. Thank you so much 😊

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