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IMG_20180113_080625There’s snow everywhere today.

The campus is covered in it, and if you’re awake early enough you can hear absolutely nothing. No birds, no people, nothing.

Just snow and silence.

The whole world seems to be static, stuck in one precise, elongated moment.

It’s why winter is my favorite season of the year.

Time seems almost liminal in winter. Like it’s decided to take a break from its stately march and wants to waltz instead.

I was born in this season, on the darkest day of the year.

I guess my mother was right, I am a winter baby.

What would it be like to be the child of a season?

2 thoughts on “Snow

  1. “You appeared like a light divine
    Forcing this darkest day to shine”

    Nice post!

    • Ta An

      Thank you so much!

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