The Coffee Shop Pt. V (Final)

via Evoke

There once were two men who sat at the same table in a coffee shop every morning.

7:15 to be exact.

The sweet and soft love they evoked in each other had grown over months and months of a routine that allowed them to get to know each other. They had taken their time, slowly learning the nuances of each other’s personalities. Finding ways to compromise their differences and ways to be happy together

They laughed at little inside jokes, and the gentle, fond teasing spoke of a comfort with each other that they couldn’t hide.

If the barista asked, “What would you like today?”

The small man in glasses could respond, “The same as always but with more closeness,” or “My regular and nothing else.” They had a system set up to navigate the man’s boundaries.

And it worked.

Some days they held hands across the table and relished in the small but cherished contact. Some days they each stayed on their own side of the table and yet the love between them was still as evident.

Those who went to the coffee shop found the couple adorable and the old women would whisper and giggle to themselves as they watched on. The younger men ignored the couple unless it was to watch on enviously, wishing they could have a partner to love them as much as the couple obviously loved each other.

The couple, as it turns out, ignored them all.

They only had eyes for each other.

Because after all, they were in their own little corner of the coffee shop, their own world where the only other person that seemed to exist was the person they loved.

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