Coffee Shop Pt. IV

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“Who was that Ari.” Cameron asked quietly as he watched his friend dry himself off. He didn’t yell, he didn’t accuse or assume. But the questions carved into his tongue needed to be set free.

“That was David, someone who I had assumed was my friend. But it turns out he just wanted to sleep with me.” Ari admitted, his eyes not raising from the ground as he spoke. He seemed to be curling into himself. Going back to that seemingly impenetrable blank reserve. Cameron didn’t know how to stop it.

“I’m demisexual. I don’t want sex, only if I’m very attached to a person. And even then maybe not.” Finally Ari raised his eyes to meet Cameron’s. Seemingly checking for Cameron’s reaction.

Cameron was silent.

He had known he’d have to be very, very patient to be close to Ari. He had known it would be worth it. But Ari never wanted sex. Cameron would admit he’d had quiet fantasies that still made him blush in the light of day, but now they all were impossible.

Was it still worth it?

He could walk out right now, leave Ari alone and start over with someone new who could have sex and want the same things Cameron wanted.

But they wouldn’t be Ari.

“I won’t pretend I understand, but okay. We’ll work it out. David had no right to do that to you just because you don’t like sex. No one has the right to treat you badly because of that.” Cameron said slowly after a moment, his heart breaking when he saw the surprise and tears in Ari’s eyes at his answer. How many people must have rejected him for acceptance to have this effect on him?

“Come here, don’t cry. I didn’t mean to make you cry.” Cameron gently pulled Ari into his arms and cradled him against his chest, letting the smaller man cry. If he got tears on his shirt that was okay.

Ari was worth it.

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