She who is not Ta An

When I look at you

I see the Nile glittering like shattered glass

beneath a sun much younger than mine


my heart aches for you, you who are

trapped in another’s place

no one save the gods knowing your name

I feel your loneliness


how dark it must be

locked away in silence

thick and endless


to be violated

rummaged through

perused for anything, anything

of value


and to be found wanting


you who are identified by none

but known by the Gods of men long dead

they have known you

since the darkness ended

and the world began


who knew your worth, and found you glorious


your visage was stolen by time

but I know you were made in the image of the Gods


You, a daughter of Egypt

You, who are not Ta-an

You who might have been



Egypt will wait for you

when all that is left

is dust, and

a longing for home


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