A welcome


I am not Ta An.

But I will use her name and speak.

I hope you’ll listen.

This blog is for sharing my creative work and personal experiences.

A mummy was sold to the Joseph Moore Museum under the guise of being a long-lost King of Egypt. It was then discovered that the mummy was a woman, in the casket of another woman named Ta An.  Ta An had gold leaf on her casket and other indications that she was a pampered woman of high class. The mummy itself remained nameless, a poor Egyptian woman whose remains had been rifled through by grave robbers and found not valuable enough to steal from.

I aspire to be a writer of high class with words that people can admire.

I identify more with the mummy in the casket, because I find it is easy to get mistaken for something that you’re not when speaking up for your self is hard (or in the mummy’s case, impossible), however Ta An is the name I use because I find it poetic. It is also a way to refer to the mummy for lack of a name.

As I am, I am a college student at Earlham College and I’m pursuing an English degree (or maybe History, I haven’t decided yet, they both involve stories so I’m torn.) I love to write and want to eventually be a published author, but I thought I’d start with a blog to get into the habit of continuous writing. I want to explore different writing genres, but I find I mostly write romances or fantasy stories.  I also want to document what it’s like to be me, someone who struggles with fibromyalgia, who is demisexual and nonbinary, and who is Scandinavian, West African, and Afro-Carribean.

This blog will be a record of the stories I write and live. Hopefully, they will be useful, but at the very least I hope they’ll be a good read.

Thanks for visiting!

-Ta An

6 thoughts on “A welcome

  1. Great post, and lovely introduction. I admire the poetic nature of your writing, as well as the name you have chosen for yourself. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

    • Ta An

      Thank you, I really appreciate it. 😊

  2. Great writing. Ta An, excellent story telling.

    • Ta An

      Thank you 😊

  3. Yes, nice writing – look forward to reading more.

    • Ta An

      Thank you for checking out my blog!

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