Like her

via Hoax She said those words once, years ago.  And now she lives, day after day, in a life she doesn't love.    Her footsteps would be so easy to follow. And the shackles of her life would feel familiar. But I would rather bind my feet and never walk again, than live surrounded by [...]

Last words

via Hoax   I never wanted those words. Not on my lips, not in my heart. And yet when I see you, all that you promise me held in trembling hands, I feel them growing in me like a cancer.   "It's too good to be true."

Under you

via Flourish Under you, your reign I flourish, I unfold.  I blossom  like a rose in the night.


via Fervor All of me clamoring, scrambling, struggling, wanting more than anything  to take what you offer with both hands.


via Nefarious What I desire is sin, hedonistic sin born out of my darkest imaginings. I have already been labeled a sinner. Why not enjoy myself?

Hi, my name is

via Introduce Let me introduce myself.  My name is unfinished.  My story is an epic novel and I am only on the first few pages. My life is ahead of me not behind, and I am only just taking my first steps. Steps that will become great leaps and bounds as I find solid ground, [...]

Grand Opening

via Welcome to the grand opening of the rest of my life. On the right you will find all the rooms dedicated to the mistakes I've made, and the things I've learned from them. On the left you will find all my doubts categorized in alphabetical order. Directly ahead is pathway to all the [...]


via Affinity How is it, I've spent my life searching- for anyone, anything, I feel an affinity to. And yet have only found you?

Sleeping alone

via Negotiate I can discuss terms with my fears, I can make sordid bargains with my demons- anything to let go of the need to protect myself that keeps me here. Trapped in a self imposed hell of "safety."  I'm so tired of sleeping alone.