via Guilty   What jury will find me guilty? I have done no wrong. The only thing I am guilty of is no longer believing your lies. Let the people judge me, if they dare.


via Guilty   What dying god appointed you? Who gave you the right to judge me as guilty, only of a crime of your own making. You don't care if there is proof of guilt, the only proof you rely on is your own bruised ego.  

Out of you and me

via Assumption   Between the two of us,  assumptions have made mountains. Between you and I, assumptions have become blades of grass. Out of you and me, assumptions have made fools.

A talent beyond measure

via Assumption   You always managed it. Making leaps and bounds from a softly uttered word, to find something, anything, to scream about. It was a talent beyond measure, your ability to make assumptions in your favor. And yet, when the same was done to you- it was worse than high treason.

Like Smoke

via Disappear   Thoughts of you disappear like smoke. They are scattered to the wind, erased by the passage of time.  And yet, like sickness, they return when least desired.

Is there

via Disappear   Is there a way to disappear, and not hurt the ones you love? A way to start fresh. Move to a cottage in a deep wood and never return. Is there?

A word

via Narcissism   There's no word big enough to explain your ego. There are no words deep enough to describe the love you have for your own image. There's only one word for you that I'm allowed to use. And I hate it.

Like You

via Narcissism   I never want to be like you. So full of yourself you overflow, so engrossed in yourself the world passes you by.


via Complication   There was a malfunction the day I was born. Too many complications in my conception I suppose. Either way, I was born with too much to lose.

Too easy

via Complication   Why is it, that after living with you and all your complications. I am filled with guilt whenever things work out? I feel like things are too easy. I feel like I deserved the struggles you put me through.