If my body aches, if it creaks when the weather turns, I will still take the chance to jump at every tug of my heart. Because to not follow my passions would leave me with an ache that would never be healed.

Nothing to say

If there is nothing left for me to write, if there is nothing left for me to say. I will find a way to go on, I will find a way to live even then.


There will be no greater surprise, than when you reach your greatest day. And you will look back and realize, all the baby steps you took- brought you here. 


Peaks and valleys are my life now,  and yet its so easy to forget the valleys when you stand atop the highest peak-- looking  out at the world laid before your feet.  


In my head there is dance, ballerinas and salsa dancers twist and twirl and leap and whirl. Music is never ending, and the parade carries on.  Dance after dance. Year after year.

Silly trees

There is nothing more satisfying than silly trees. Technicolor skies and curly que branches. All wrapped in glass and made into earrings, silly things. Absolutely ridiculous. And yet they bring such joy.  

My little town

I create universes to pass the time,  but this one small town I hold in my hand   I could spend a life time creating. Telling every story, breathing life into people like silk balloons.

Green Silk

It's poetic, the way silk moves across your skin. Seductive to some, but not to me.  To me silk means fantasy, dreams, smoke. Fantasies are best had curled up in bed, where no one can shatter them.

Nora Roberts

I want to be like Nora Roberts, I want to weave stories with love in every word.  Warmth in every phrase. There will be sunshine in my stories, and gentle smiles on every page.


via Independent I may be able to stand on my own, but never beloved, am I left alone in the dark.  You are always there, your arms surrounding me. Independence does not equate to loneliness.