Keep me warm

via Incubate

Keep me warm inside.

Inside your dark and warm mind,

Where I dance on thoughts.



via Incubate

I wonder if I was incubated as a hatchling,

kept warm by my mother until I was ready for the world.

Or was I simply admired from afar, and left in the cold,

kept alive only by my own stubbornness.


via Incubate

It grows within me, quietly, slowly. 

This dream of mine, so soft and lovely.

I harbor it within me,

I water it with daydreams and watch it flourish.



via Incubate

Hello everyone,

I made an Etsy Shop for my handmade jewelry as well as my oracle/tarot readings.

If you could check it out I’d greatly appreciate it, I’m trying to keep up my work at school as well as pay for groceries etc. These pieces and readings are also my first try at having my own independent income.

Thank you for your help, even if all you do is support me by looking at the shop.

I hope you have a blessed day.

– Ta An

My best dress

via Wrinkle

My best dress is full of wrinkles.

My best dress isn’t a dress at all.

It’s a hoodie two sizes too big,

and it has a paint stain on the left sleeve.

But that shouldn’t matter,

because my best dress shouldn’t be what I wear.

It should be my own skin, wrinkles and all,

that you find me most beautiful in.


via Wrinkle

There’s something about bedsheets,

wrinkled or neat.

They feel like home. 

And all I can think about is inviting you,

to share my home with me.

We can share the blankets,

talk in soft whispers,

and watch as the sunlight turns gold through half-opened windows.

Silk blouse

via Wrinkle

I’m not sorry if there are wrinkles in my blouse,

I got them when I was leaning against the window sill-

daydreaming about being a cloud.

Caracara oranges

via Provoke

I’m reminded that I don’t do well with asking for things for myself.

I’d rather go without something than ask for it most of the time.

It’s because when I ask I’m reminded of thoughts of being told how greedy I am.

I was five the first time.

I don’t do well with standing up for myself either because it usually ends with 

more than enough sadness to keep me from doing it again.

So what if keeping three oranges to myself is greedy, it’s okay to be selfish sometimes.

I have a lifetime to make up for, starting today.


via Provoke

How is it you provoke me so easily?

How is it no matter what you say I’m reminded of all you’ve done?

I’m left with memories crowding my vision whenever I look at you.

I can’t see straight.

I know

via Provoke

I’m told not to let it get me,

I know.

I’m told I’ll be happier if I just don’t listen.

I know.

But it’s harder than you’d think.

I would know.

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